Advice in Social Media

Last week, the Life Editor at the Daily Freeman in Kingston, N.Y, Ivan Lajara came in to speak to my class about the uses and advantages of social media. Lajara gave tips as far as blogging and the use of twitter and gave a few examples of how he applied them to his own work.

In terms of blogging, Laraja emphasized that we begin with what we are interested in. “It will get you started and it will make you want to do it” he said. However, this was immediately followed by him saying that we will eventually run out of things to write about but we should try to make as much content out of a topic as we can. When he said this my mind automatically thought about this blog.

David (the creator of the blog) takes a page out of The Lord of the Rings and transcribes one page per day. Right there he already has over 1000 days worth of content.

Lajara went on in class give more advice and tips regarding blogging. They are

  • Don’t worry about word count
  • Give an image, even if it’s a cat
  • Link out to other places
  • Make it personal
  • Make it searchable

When I look back to David’s blog i see most of these things in it. It’s personal, searchable, has pictures (not cats), and simple to follow. In future blog posts I will try to incorporate these tips to the best of my ability.

Also cat…

  1. You have the whole internet and you could only find that cat?

    I expect better of you.

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