A Global Perspective on Metaliteracy

This weeks #metalieteracy assignment lead me to watch a few videos. The first of which involved the teaching of meta literate concepts to children. This was done by educating 3rd and 4th graders on life in the Middle East and attempting to get the kids to connect to what the culture is like there.

In the video, teachers try to emphasize the importance of asking questions and furthuring the students understanding of what is actually  going on. They urge students to make connections and think about the why behind their questions as well as the how. They went on to become pen pals with students in the middle east and began to understand how similar they are.

This pen pal exchange led to an even greater comprehension as the children were given direct access to a primary source on Kuwati culture. No longer would the kids believe that everyone got around on camels.  


The Metacognitive Dimension of Metaliteracy

This installment of#metaliteracy lessons focuses on our thoughts. Not the random thoughts like I” like that guys shirt over there” or “what should I have for dinner?” but more towards our thoughts about our thoughts. This week we are reflecting on our learning and processing of thoughts as we reflect  on what is actually happening as we think.


In the video titled “Brief Intro into Metacognition” an insight to an artist painting a self-portrait is given. The video describes several processes of thought that the artist goes through in order to create his art and delves into how the artist has trained himself to think in a way that will better his art.


This relates to an in class assignment that we had recently about the quote “The ends justifies the means” and who actually said it. Given several options, most of the class agreed it was Machiavelli and others. Machiavelli because it was what we have been told recently and in the process of googling it, his name always pops up. Others because, well, I said it and so did the teacher and another classmate. 


While saying others is technically correct, Machiavelli is technically wrong. He never said, in English or directly “the ends justify the means”. This is simply a summarized interpretation of an excerpt from The Prince.


This relates back to metaliterate cognition in that a lot of what we take in is directly affected by oiur own perceptions. If we interpret a piece of information as X (X being the base fact), as we receive it, it gets affected by our perceptions Y and becomes XY. 

The Metaliterate Learner

Technology has changed the way we go about socializing. As a student, it has allowed me to become extremely distracted in my work. The advent of the internet has become a tremendous distraction as I find myself searching more for random tidbits of info about once famous pirates instead of studying or working on a paper.

The role of a student has remained constant but with more access to information and distractions that are literally in our pockets, we become over-saturated with #metaliteracy.


To me, #metaliteracy is the comprehension and sharing of knowledge that one finds through the internet. I hope that this course will help me become more proficient in the finding and processing of new information. By doing so, not only will I be better able to complete research for my school work but also be better able to start a job search. Also, knowing this will make me faster at processing informational needs online which could be helpful in a professional work environment.


this is a test post

Opinion Writing: The Making of an Editorial

Not everything that appears in a newspaper is fact. Often you will stumble upon an editorial that critiques an event or policy that has recently happened. The author’s objective in writing this is to educate the reader and make him think critically about the topic. Continue reading

Music on the Mind

The music that we listen to can often define our own character. The mood and tempo it creates can motivate us and make us think and feel. Certain songs make us want to fall in love or you may find yourself whistling an upbeat tune from time to time. Others can enrage us or get us pumped up. Music is such a complex thing that it becomes difficult to define. It’s similar to people in that respect. But, we still have those songs that we can relate to and have the ability to inspire us. I am no different. There are songs that that the remind me of my childhood that I could base an entire story around but that was then. I am a different person now and have selected three songs that reflect the person I am. Continue reading